A comment on Katyal. You seem to be arguing that a lawyer representing interests you disagree with is somehow required, ethically, to only represent clients who are "good guys". If that were the test, then lawyers would not be able to make a living since the "good guys" typically have no money. That they try to make up for it by doing pro bono work for "good guys" is apparently inadequate to expiate their sin of working for money. In the real world, everyone who works has to focus on customers or clients who can afford to pay for their services. Joseph Welch of Hale and Dorr in Boston was a hero of the politically liberal for his resistance of McCarthyism. Most of the time, he was a corporate lawyer who used his considerable skills on behalf of corporate clients. He was one of my heroes. He was also rather fortunate in being able to represent good guys who could pay. Most are not so fortunate.

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