I have a problem with ascribing great influence to the Maureen Dowds, Bob Woodwards, and Maggie Habermans of the journalistic world. My impression is that the vast majority of American voters neither read them nor recognize their names. My impression is hardly scientific inasmuch as it is based on anecdotal evidence. The in-law who believes Trump is a great businessman but wouldn't be caught dead reading the Times or the Post. He just wants to believe it and doesn't care what evidence one gives him contrary to his opinion. Another is the single issue voter (abortion) who doesn't care about anything else. A third is the great mass of out of work manufacturing employees who think Trump will fix that just because they want him to and who believe illegal aliens and minorities are displacing them in their jobs. In short, those writers ain't really all that influential. As some Republican politician was quoted on Herschel Walker's deficiencies, "I don't care about that; I want control of the Senate."

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