You have done quite well on the economics of the environment we find many of us in today.

"Matthew Desmond New York Times essay arguing that poverty was a moral issue not on the part of people who experience it, which is to say not the product of character flaws, but on the people who enable it in ways large and small."

"the central claim of the argument is that the endurance of poverty in the United States is the product not only of larger shifts such as deindustrialization and family dissolution, but of choices and actions by more fortunate Americans."

When I was "still" working and trump passed the $1.7 trillion tax cut of which much will go past the end of reconciliation for corporations and those of the 1 tenth of 1% in income making an average $14 million annually, I was getting several hundred more dollars twice a month. I didn't need it and banked 2/3rds of it and set my claims at zero.

I don't suffer Weldon and I help where I can now that I am retired.

Hope all is well by you.

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